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Emmanuelle Khanh

Emanuelle Khanh, was born Renée Mazière in Paris on September 12, 1937.

At the age of 17, young Emmanuelle started a modeling career for haute couture, working woth fashion icons such as Balenciaga and Givenchy.

She marries Quasar Khanh, designer, engineer, inventor and artist who will revolutionize the furniture of the 60s and 70s by inventing innovative materials, and will become world famous for his inflatable vinyl creations.

In the early 1960s she turned to styling. It captures an era in full change: emmansipation of women, fashion is democratized, young people become aware of their strength ……. She is visionary and envisions a wardrobe for modern, free and active women who want to liberate from the still rigid social constraints.

In 1969, Emmanuelle Khanh launched her eponymous brand of ready-to-wear for ladies. She is convinced that fashion must transcend the boundaries of Parisian haute couture salons and wants to liberate shapes and materials and bring fashion to the streets.

In 1971 Emmanuelle Khanh launched her first eyewear collection. To do this, she teamed up with Henri Guillet and the best workshops in Oyonnax, in the Jura, and presented a series of marked, voluminous frames, with straight lines, immediately iconic.

Emmanuelle Khanh was awarded a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in 1986.

Madame Khanh passed away in Paris in the winter of 2017. After a revolution in women’s fashion and the world of ready-to-wear, she has left future generations much more than just style, a militant and daring state of mind and the desire to reconcile elegance and the strength of women.

Eva Gaumé joins Maison Emmanuelle Khanh and becomes artistic and visual director. Today she gets her inspiration from these women. Eva continues Madame Khanh’s aesthetic vision and her famous oversized frames. Sunglasses and optics are too big or extra thin, dark or clear, in acetate or even titanium.

They remain the standard of active, emancipated and cheerful women, but also of men for whom she designs a controlled masculine line, where comfort and quality merge beautifully with elegance and strength.

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