The aesthetic design of LUNOR eyeglasses is based upon a collection of optical antiques from the years 1650 to 1950.

 The collection includes glasses and cases, pince-nez, binoculars and microscopes, which belong to one of the foremost collectors of optical antiques in Europe, Gernot Lindner, founder of LUNOR Enterprises.

 The LUNOR collections show this in a modernized way, with glasses made of materials that have proven their worth for centuries, handmade and following an old tradition with more than 200 working steps. American eyeglasses from about 1840 inspired the designer Gernot Lindner to develop the characteristic, telescope like temples. Handmade cases made of local woods recall the precious cases from the past.

 The brand LUNOR preserves perfection and optimizes the extraordinary. America’s leading lifestyle magazine, “The Robb Report” has named LUNOR the winner of the category “Best Eyewear”, giving it the highest scores regarding design, quality and service. A long-lasting work needs a long development time – this is especially true for the development of LUNOR eyeglasses.

 All models are produced by using traditional methods of manufacturing. The carefully selected factories guarantee quality, functionality and comfort. 
With its clear shapes the glass design strengthens the balanced proportions. 
Perfection is the goal. The glass case completes the whole package. As with historical models the glasses themselves are complemented by the smallest possible cases.

 With top quality materials such as high-grade steel, buffalo horn and gold, used for centuries, LUNOR creates long-lasting products of great value. The classic style of contemporary glasses from the LUNOR collection will express one’s own personal style.



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